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Cuddling Buddies

The elegance, affordability, and the ease-of-use that comes with Pets2GO! products are unparalleled in the marketplace. I truly believe that our products will become the marquee of the pet travel industry.

Angelina Cortez, Chief Executive Officer, P2G!



We help to champion pet-friendly initiatives by providing an elegant and uniquely fun selection of customizable pet gifts and comfort kits. Additionality, we can also guide hospitality groups with implementing new pet initiatives or help enhance current programs through consultations that are curated to your needs.

During natural disasters, PG2! is prepared to provide displaced pet owners, Animal Shelters, Federal, State, and Local Government agencies with our Emergency Comfort Kits. Our kits contains vital provisions to help your pet weather the storm.


In today's hospitality industry, hotel guests want their pets to enjoy luxury accommodations and amenities just as they do. Pets are an integral part of their family and enjoy traveling too! Global resorts and boutique hotels are embracing pet-friendly programs which feature our products in attempt to provide an enriched experience.

Hospitality and pet service groups desire innovative ways to create brand fans, protect their property from damage, and generate new streams of revenue through their pet-friendly culture. P2G! products bring this vision a reality.


Our products are proudly made and assembled in the USA. P2G! headquarters are situated in Miami, Florida with a manufacturing site near Atlanta, Georgia.


Our entire line of pet products are eco-friendly, affordable, and elegantly stylish with chic canine and feline designs. Even the most fashion-conscious pet (and their owner) cannot resist but will adore. The packs are perfectly poised to become the most sought-after Pet Amenity Gift Pack for hospitality, travel, and pet related service companies worldwide.

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